Imai Japanese Cuisine

We sell traditional Japanese Food!*
Address: 98-B Main Street South, Georgetown, Ontario L7G 3E4

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We sell traditional Japanese Food!*

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We sell traditional Japanese Food!*

Sushi: is the most famous Japanese dish outside of Japan, and one of the most popular dishes among the Japanese themselves. In Japan, sushi is usually enjoyed on special occasions, such as a celebration.

Tempura: are pieces of lightly battered, deep fried seafood and vegetables. Introduced to Japan during the 16th century by the Portuguese in Nagasaki, and has developed over the centuries into a popular Japanese dish both inside and outside of Japan. It can be found in many types of restaurants across the country, where it is commonly served as a main dish, side dish or as a topping for tendon rice bowls, or udon and soba noodles dishes.

Ramen:  is a noodle soup dish that was originally imported from China and has become one of the most popular dishes in Japan in recent decades. It is inexpensive and widely available, two factors that also make them ideal option for budget travelers. Ramen restaurants, or ramen-ya, can be found in virtually every corner of the country and produce countless regional variations of this common noodle dish.

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Moments in History

The building was commissioned by H. W. Kennedy in 1908. This portion of the building originally housed the Merchants Bank. The branch moved to this location in 1908. In 1956, this part of the property was sold to J. Richardson and housed Richardson Hardware Store.


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