In the heat of the summer, what could be better than a tall cone of ice cream? Three years ago, Whimsy Street Treats opened its doors in Downtown Georgetown, providing customers with delicious ice cream and desserts during the hottest of months. Yet Whimsy is so much more than a small-town ice cream parlour. They've grown a massive following of loyal customers through Georgetown and beyond.

Whimsy celebrated its third anniversary earlier this month. For this business spotlight, let's dive into Whimsy and all its success in the past three years.

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On June 8, 2019, Whimsy Street Treats opened its doors in Georgetown. Better known as Whimsy, the glowing white storefront can be found in the center of Main St. South, a prominent location in Downtown Georgetown. As Sabrina, one of the two owners, tells the story, "in 2019, we took the leap and opened Whimsy Street Treats, with the intention of creating a beautiful, on-trend community-based shop where all are welcome. Whimsy has become a place of community, bringing people from all over Georgetown and Halton Hills together. As Sabrina told it, "it's more than delicious ice cream and treats. It's about bringing people together and serving up joy." 

Spreading love and joy is a big part of what makes Whimsy unique. There's nothing better than enjoying time with loved ones, but having a little ice cream too couldn't help. You can always find a few friends or a family sitting down and enjoying their ice cream when you look in the front window. Sabrina's favourite part of the job is helping customers celebrate their special day. As she put it, "we are always thrilled when someone chooses us to celebrate those special moments, occasions, or milestones with." Whimsy has also allowed Sabrina to become one of the few people able to say they are an expert at running a donut-infused ice cream shop.

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Many dessert stores have opened in Downtown Georgetown, yet none quite like Whimsy. Innovation is what takes their business to the next level. As Sabrina said, "we have a huge passion to create innovative products that deliver big on taste. We love injecting new life and flavour profiles into our ice cream and donut creations." Imagination is another big player in the business' success. The Whimsy menu looks like it came from a child's imagination, featuring scooped and soft-serve ice cream, ice cream sundaes, donuts and milkshakes. With their magical creations, like the Ice Cream Donut Sandwich and vegan ice cream, Whimsy is changing what it means to be a small-town ice cream shop. 

The past 3 years have been different, yet Whimsy Street Treats has created a new place in Downtown Georgetown to enjoy some time with your friends and family. Whimsy may be new, but it has become an iconic store in Downtown Georgetown. Congratulations to Sabrina and the entire Whimsy Street Treats team. We can't wait to see what next year brings!

Whimsy is open every day!

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